Acquaintances with God

Do we KNOW God?   or  Do we just know about God?

The dictionary has 3 different definitions for the verb KNOW:

know |nō| – verb

1 – be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information

– have knowledge or information concerning something or someone

2 – have developed a relationship with (someone) through meeting and spending time with them

3 – let’s just say it’s about sex – and we will leave it at that.

So is your KNOWledge of God more of a #1 definition or a #2?  Are you just filled with knowledge about God or Sunday School answers to give.  Is it a second hand knowledge that is all based on other people’s ideals and thoughts on God?

Or is a #2 kind of KNOWledge that has been born out of being beautifully restored, redeemed, reconnected to your Creator, Savior, and Father?  Is there a relationship there where you have stuck to your faith in the peeks and valleys of life – and furthermore, you can actually say that you have experienced His presence in those times?


But to KNOW God and be in relationship with Him is the point – not to just have knowledge about Him.  It is a HUGE DEAL.

“And this is eternal life, that they KNOW You the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom You have sent.”

John 17:3

So how do we move from being an Acquaintance of God to a Child/Ambassador/Worker/Son or Daughter of God?  We dive deep into the relationship of God!  We don’t just sit idly by and take what other people say about God at face value – but we dive deep in getting to KNOW God.  Through reading scripture, praying in His name, seeking His Spirit.

J.I. Packer says this in KNOWING GOD:

“How can we turn our KNOWledge about God into KNOWledge of God? The rule for doing this is simple but demanding. It is that we turn each Truth that we learn about God into matter for meditation before God, leading to prayer, practice, and praise to God.”




We need to live out our Knowledge.  Knowledge has never been a passive discipline – it is an Active One.  Something we have to knock, seek, and find (Matthew 7:7)  and search for like a treasure or a precious jewel (Proverbs 2:4, Matthew 13:44).

And Here is the BEAUTY in searching and seeking to KNOW God.


It is an ongoing task.  A limitless exploration.  A journey that we will go on and stay on until we meet Him face to face.  Because, YES, our God is KNOWable – but He is complex, mysterious, vast, deep, wide, simple, and so much more.

So do you want to know ABOUT God?  or do you want to KNOW God?

“A God whom we could understand exhaustively, and whose revelation of Himself confronted us with no mysteries whatsoever, would be a God in man’s image, and therefore an imaginary God,
not the God of the Bible at all.”

J.I. Packer



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