GOD is…

Seriously… with a title like that, I could spend literally hours typing in this nice little neat box what/who God is…  because God is infinite and His character is infinite and His mystery is infinite and His love is infinite and even this sentence could be infinitely infinite trying to explain the infiniteness of God.

We recently did a series at GPS – Grace Point Students about God.  We called it “GOD is…” and we could have literally been on this topic for- well, ever, but we decided to focus on some of the basic attributes of God.

Why?  Well, why does worship sometimes fall flat?  Why is it that sometimes we can not connect our hearts with the Father’s and have that intimate connection with Him?  Is it that we get caught up in the busyness of life (or the stress of it?  Is it that we are just too hardened by the sin in our own lives?  All I know is that it is alarming that we as a society know everything there is to know about our favorite sports figure or celebrity, and that we tweet or post mindless facts about ourselves and read about our friends that do the same; yet, we do not know the Character of God.  This series dives into some of the basic attributes of God…so that we can be able to express to each other and worship the God who is worthy of our praise.

Some of the topics that we dove into were GOD is..  Creator, Sovereign, Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Love, Just, and ALIVE!

We need to get back to a place where the stories in scripture about our Great God doesn’t just fade into the abyss of the “knowledge” that we think we have.  We can NEVER get to a place where the infinite Mystery of God doesn’t CAPTIVATE us and every ounce of our being!  God desires for us to KNOW Him and have a relationship with us.

 John Zumwalt author of  “Passion for the Heart of God” and Perspectives speaker reminded me this past week about how God desperately wants to have a relationship with us!  So much so that you look back to the Old Testament in the book of Genesis you see how God designed our relationship with Him to be.  Just us and Him walking in the Garden together, talking, walking, and sharing life together.  This is what God did with Adam & Eve every day in the garden – walked and talked.  And I can imagine that if we were walking and talking with God – that is a conversation that would NEVER run dry or fall flight.  There would never be any “awkward silence” with God.

So won’t you join me in getting to know the INFINITE GOD?  Start the conversation with Him.  Begin to look into who He is and who He has made you to be.  Let’s walk, talk, and share life with God today – because this is what Jesus died for us and why the veil was torn.


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