Profile of a Disciple: “Dust”

How would Christ Himself feel if He were to walk into our worship gatherings or meetings when we are supposedly praising Him or reading His Word?  Would He cry? Become angry?  Shake His head in disbelief or disappointment?  I mean honestly, what would be OUR reaction if Christ Himself were to show up and stand before us in our gatherings?  Would our attitudes change?  Would we fall to our face?  Would He have our undivided attention?

You know what’s funny about these thought-provoking questions?


“Where two or more gather in My Name, there am I with them” Matt. 18:20

This past Wednesday night at Youth, Grace Point Students for the most part stood unmoved and unaffected by worship and a powerful teaching from Rob Bell.  SO what did I do?  What, I think Christ Himself would have done…  I came in and interrupted Worship (or lack there of) and said…


From there we went outside to a hillside outside of our Church and I spoke from the Hillside, direct from God’s Word, as the Students shook from the cold…

and it, was, beautiful.

If you haven’t watched Rob Bell’s NOOMA Video: DUST, please go Check it out by CLICKING HERE – I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding him right now, but his explanation of what it was to be a Disciple of Christ was thought provoking, encouraging, and challenging.

This Video, called DUST gave us all a new perspective on what it was/is to be a Disciple of Christ.  In the Jewish Culture, every child around the age of 5 or 6 would go to school to learn the first 5 books of the Hebrew Bible, the Torah.  They would literally read and memorize each of the five books over five years of their lives and by the time they were 10, they would have Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy MEMORIZED.  From there, the teachers would choose the Best of the Best of those students and those students would go further in their training.  EVERYONE else that “didn’t make the cut” would go and learn their family trade.  The Best of the Best would go on and study and memorize the REST OF THE OLD TESTAMENT…Genesis through Malachi.  From there, the teachers would pick the Best of the Best of the Best to go on to the next step.  Everyone else would go and learn their family trade.  So what is the next step?

It was to become a disciple of a Rabbi… to walk with and learn from them and literally take on their “yoke” to live like them.  The students would go up to find a RABBI and would beg that Rabbi that they could become their disciple.  The Rabbi would decide their fate and after the 10 years of training they would either become a disciple of that Rabbi or go back and learn their family trade.

So why is this interesting?  Why is this a new perspective?

Because in the calling of the 12 Disciples, all of those 15-20 year old young men were practicing their family trade.  They did not come up to Christ and beg Him to be their Rabbi…Christ sought them out.  Which reminds us/them of two things:

1) Christ chooses us and has faith in us

2) We are not the “best of the best” but can still become a disciple of Christ


From the time that Christ chose the Disciples – they literally devoted their lives to Him.  Learning more about Him, studying His teaching, applying His commands, and walking so closely with Him that they could take on His Yoke.  An old saying during this time was “were you covered in the dust of your Rabbi today?”  This was pointing to how closely the disciples would follow their Rabbi’s, hanging on to every action, emotion, word, truth, look, glance…

Why don’t we hang this tightly to Jesus and His teaching today?  He chose us to be His disciples and He believes and has faith in us.  He has called us to be His disciples that we might take on His ministry, be His hands and feet, minister to His flock, and be His church.

We need to devote ourselves to things of Christ.  This was the plan of Christ for our life.  Not to be a “christian” or a “convert”, but to be a DISCIPLE!
I wonder if I would have interrupted worship with the words.. “If you ARE a disciple of Christ, come follow me….”  how many people would have followed me outside?

Take time to evaluate your life and everyday ask yourself…

Have I been covered int he dust from my Rabbi, Jesus, today?


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