Worship Survey Results!

As you know a few months ago we went through a Worship Series here at GPS!  After it was all over, what do you do?  Do you just go back to the way things were or do you try to capture the heart of the students and find out what it is they need to connect and meet with God on a Wednesday Night.  I mean, this is the point…that students would come and ENCOUNTER our mighty, powerful, loving, merciful, personal, and the list goes on and on GOD!!!  That they would be impacted by this encounter and they would in turn want to dive deeper into a relationship with Him.

As a Student Pastor, I want to take every opportunity I get to make that a reality.  So, I evaluated this series by ending it with a short and simple survey.  If you don’t know what we did during the series – scroll down a few blogs and read about it!

Anyhoo,  here were the results of the survey.
When asked what Worship avenue they enjoyed the most, the students ranked them in this order:

1) Live Band (full band- electric, guitar, bass, drums, etc.)

2) Large Group, corporate worship

3) Worshiping through Art

4) Prayer walk through ACTS

5) Scripture Meditation tied with Service Projects

7) Acoustic/Piano Worship

Other Question asked was what they would like to see in the Future and what would help them to connect better:

1) Make it More Personal/Interactive

2) More Prayer Time/Quiet

3) More Service Projects

4) More Art tied with More Upbeat

5) More Acoustic

***Some also said they would like it to vary from week to week

So as you can see, there were a lot of different opinions and there are a lot of different wants and needs when it comes to students worshipping God and connecting with Him.

I’m always amazed at how when walls are broken down and facade’s are taken away like at a camp or a weekend retreat/ONE Weekend the FREEDOM that seems to be expressed in the way we worship…  What stops that freedom from flowing through us on a regular basis.  How can WE get to a place where we are connecting and encountering God in a real way on a wednesday night, in our rooms at night, in our cars on the way to school, or as we are hiking through God’s creation.  How can we connect more.

Continue the conversation – comment on this and let me know how your WORSHIP experiences have been lately.  What helps you?  What connects you?  How would you like to grow in your worship of our King who is more than worthy of our praise!?!?

Not rhetorical questions – answer – keep the conversation going…


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