Junior High Camp – Day 3

Morning Time

SO THAT!!   That was the two words that rocked the student’s world during this morning session.  We read in Genesis as God is speaking to Abraham…He tells him, “I have blessed you SO THAT you may bless the world!!!”  God didn’t bless Abraham so He could keep all those blessings to himself and be a hoarder of God’s gracious gift giving.  No, God instructs Him to go and take those blessings and bless those around Him.
How often do we just receive blessings from God and take them for ourselves or just build up a false security for our own lives.  God blesses us SO THAT we can go and take the light and joy to those around us and BOAST about our God who gives life and life abundantly and just look for ways to bless other people.
Recreation Time
Pool Day for rec and it was really fun!  It was fun to watch Jason swim circles around all the students in the pool.
Competitive rec saw an EPIC battle in Dodgeball where Ross was the only student left against 5 people and he got 3 of them out quickly, but the time expired….he so would have won.  In Volleyball both the sponsor team and the student team claimed victory TWICE, not once, but twice!  So it was a great time!
Evening Worship/Church Group Time
All I have to say is WOW!  The message and church group time was convicting and challenging.  The speaker told this story (his testimony) of hurt and anguish and how he was addicted, lonely, depressed, and suicidal…and during all that time, he was also leading 2 bible studies.  He was good at hiding everything, but he was literally corroding on the inside.
We looked at James 5:16-18 where God’s word instructs us to “Therefore confess your sins TO EACH OTHER and pray for EACH OTHER so that you may be HEALED.”
What  an amazing promise…but here is the kicker.  We have to confess our sins out loud to EACH OTHER!  Not only are we confessing to our Father for repentance, but we should also be confessing to EACH OTHER …and the promise is that we would find HEALING!!!
Yet, what we are good at as the American church is hiding all of our sins and putting masks on and faking a smile and saying I’m doing greeeeeaaaatttt!  But God calls us to authentic community and authentic confession to one another.
So, this is what we did.  This night we confessed to one another and prayed for one another and found healing.  There were a lot of tears and a lot of hugs.  Then we did worship and took communion.  It was an amazing time where the Spirit was at work.
Students that confessed loneliness and seclusion found 20 something friends.  Students that confessed lust issues had accountability.  Students that were not walking closely to God found the strength, courage, and passion to press on to the things of God.  Thank you Jesus!!!
Parent Discussion Questions:
1. Why do you think it is a call to bless the world?  What does God want to use us, even though he could easily just bless everyone by himself?
2. What should confession look like in the church?  In our homes? And in our lives?
3. Have a prayer time with your students…pray over them…you don’t have to know specifics, but I think that this should be a regular thing.  You the parents or parent laying hands on your kids and praying for them and their spiritual lives.

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