Junior High Camp – Day 1

I’m pretty sure that this has been one of the smoothest first days of camp that I’ve ever been a part of.  Every year…it’s the same scenario… SOMETHING always goes wrong – whether it be a blown tire, an extremely late student, a mad parent, a personal attack from satan…SOMETHING always goes wrong.  Well, this year, there was no pre-camp drama.  All seemed to go smooth and I give God all the props in the world.

We are here at Oklahoma Baptist University with our Junior High Students at The Summit Camps.  There are 31 of us in total and we were packed in like sardines on the way down here, 31 seat belts for 31 people.  SO, even though it wasn’t the most roomy ride down, but no one peed themselves or went too hungry.  Once here in Shawnee, OK we all realized that this is NOT Falls Creek…which I think is hard for some of the students that have ONLY been to Falls Creek.  However, I trust that it’s still going to be a great experience and encounter with our Heavenly Father.

Tonight, we all went around and talked about the “expectations” we had for camp this summer.  Everyone shared honestly and openly about what they were expecting from God or from camp.  Several of the students shared that they wanted this year to be different – to not just leave camp and there be no real change (from the inside out), but that they would be noticeably different, and that they would STAY changed.  This led to a discussion of Matthew 7:7 – “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will opened to you”.  I challenged the students to have HUGE expectations for this week – to really SEEK His face, because His word promises that we WILL find Him.

Pray that with us…that our students wouldn’t be content with just experiencing God at camp…but they would actually take action and SEEK His face and presence!

**Parent discussion topics from today:

1)   Further study the words transcendence and imminence.

2)   Explore the difference between studying about God and actually knowing God.

3)   How can we seek God?  What are ways where YOU personally have encountered God. 

Make sure you Pray for us as we have our first full day tomorrow


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