Hello Blog World!

My Attempt at an Introduction

Wow.  Didn’t ever think that I would get a blog!  I’ve thought about before.  There were even promises of getting one, but just never got around to it.  I hope this is the start to a beautiful relationship with the world wide web (it turns out that it’s just not a fad….who would have thought) and I am excited to see where it leads.

I’ll just go ahead and be transparent from the beginning… I don’t really believe in proof-reading or spell check, so please do not make fun of my grammar. ha ha.

I’m a Student Pastor and a College Pastor at Grace Point Church in NorthWest Arkansas.  I’m married to the most wonderful, gorgeous, and godly woman on earth.  I am a huge sports and movie fan.  I get the privilege of leading and sharing life with the amazing students of GPS (Grace Point Students) pretty much day in and day out.

I pray that this blog would bring blessing to people and honor and glory to God.  I pray that through “Wade’s Words,” people would be encouraged, challenged, edified, and equipped.

You’ll notice under the title on the home page “Love God, Love life, Love people” and this stands as just a life long motto for me.  I believe in a simple yet profound gospel that commands us to ground all things and do all things in LOVE.  Out of love is brought joy, peace, happiness, relationships, truth, purity, challenge, encouragement, and so many other things.

Until Next time…


2 responses to “Hello Blog World!

  1. I’m actually really excited about this blog. Getting a little insight into the thinkings of Wade is slightly scary but I like a challenge. I feel that “Wade’s Words” will be a hit 🙂 and will be a great resource to have.


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